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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

A wedding anniversary is always a memorable event for a couple and symbolizes the couple's continued commitment and love to each other. What is the right wedding anniversary gift by year to better convey your feelings? Some perfect wedding anniversary gift ideas are offered below to help you choose a great wedding anniversary gift for your wedding anniversary. Give your beloved one a touching gift that will remind him/her of your sweet memories together!

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year - Different Year, Different Gift!

1st wedding anniversary gift ideas

A couple's first wedding anniversary marks the conclusion of a year of significant adjustment as the newlywed couple gets to know one another better and settles into married life, thus the first anniversary is a great celebration. There are some first wedding anniversary gift ideas to honor this special occasion.

> Tickets: Purchase some tickets to an amusement park, concert, festival, museum, play or sporting event for the paper anniversary.

> Framed Wedding Card: Make a personalized wedding card or calendar with your photos together to memorize the happy time when you commit to each other.

> Wedding Scrapbook:With a good wedding digital scrapbooking software and some great wedding scrapbook ideas, making a paper scrapbook featuring photos that you have made for your spouse is a meaningful gift.

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas

Cotton and china are good gifts for 2nd wedding anniversary and below are some 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas related to cotton and china.

> Decoration pieces: Some decorative items made up of cotton clothes will help to present your deep love.

> Bone china crockery: Gift your wife with bone china crockery. Bone china cups, plates, bowls etc. can be gifted.

> China Jewelry; Jewelry made of china can also be gifted, such as earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings etc.

3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas

The third anniversary is commemorated by leather traditionally. According to the modern anniversary symbols crystal or glass is the gift for 3 years of marriage.

> Leather laptop bag/case: A leather cover will ensure the recipient’s laptop is kept ship-shape.

> Leather passport holder: A leather passport holder is the ideal 3rd wedding anniversary gift for those who like traveling.

> Glass sculpture: For a fancier gift a husband could arrange to have a glass sculpture made for his wife.

4th wedding anniversary gift ideas

The traditional fourth wedding anniversary gift is fruit and flowers. The modern gift is linen, silk, or nylon. Choose the perfect fourth wedding anniversary gift for your spouse.

> Fruit and Flowers: The official flower for the fourth anniversary is the geranium. You can purchase geraniums to plant outside your home. If your spouse enjoys gardening, then this is the perfect gift.

> Linen/Silk/Nylon: Consider purchasing a linen tablecloth for a romantic dinner. Then move into the bedroom where there are new silk sheets waiting for your spouse.

> Jewelry: The official stone for the fourth anniversary is the blue topaz with the less expensive alternative being the blue zircon. Check her jewelry box to see what types and styles of jewelry she likes and buy her those.

5th wedding anniversary gift ideas

The 5th wedding anniversary, the wood anniversary is the first major milestone anniversary in your marriage. You can well choose some wood-related gifts.

> Wood Picture Frames: Have a personalized wood photo frame to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary.

> Wood Photo Albums: There are photo albums available that the front and back covers are made of wood. Make a scrapbook with attention and put together with a wool cover.

> Wood Keepsake Box: Make a keepsake box with suitable shape and size, engrave your declaration of love on it to give your spouse a surprise.

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas

The traditional tenth wedding anniversary gift idea is tin or aluminum, the modern gift list includes diamonds. Here are 10th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

> Aluminum bakeware or cookware: Aluminum bakeware or cookware is a great anniversary gift idea to give to a couple that enjoys cooking and baking at home or entertaining.

> Art/ Sculpture: Art or sculpture created from tin or aluminum materials can be given to use in their home.

20th wedding anniversary gift ideas

The 20th Wedding Anniversary is quite a milestone. What are some good gifts?

> Photo Show DVD: Put pictures of your happy life over the years on a DVD, add wedding songs and other effects for sharing on web or watching on TV. You can preserve it for many year. With an all-in-one dvd movie making software, you can a wedding DVD slideshow to make your wedding anniversary special than ever!

> Family Tree Photo Collage: Make a simple family tree photo collage to memorize your family.

> Date Established Family House Plaque: Ideal for the anniversary couple that owns their home and has strong family values. The plaque hangs on the outside of their home, with the date they got married on the front.

30th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditionally, pearls are thirtieth wedding anniversary gifts, and diamonds have been the top choice in modern times.

> Photo Album: A photo album with your photos from your wedding day to the present time will make a special memories album. Make sure you choose a photo collage software that is easy to use yet powerful.

> Host a party: Hosting an anniversary party is also a great gift, which brings together friends and family to enjoy much more fun.

> Second Honeymoon for the couple: A second honeymoon is a great wedding anniversary gift idea for a couple who has been together for 30 years. Enjoy your life together and relive the happy times!

> Diamond Jewelry: Diamonds are the modern item associated with a thirtieth wedding anniversary. The best way to give diamonds is in the form of diamond jewelry. A gift can be a necklace, earrings, a pendant or cufflinks for him.

40th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Ruby is most noted on the 40th year of marriage. It is believed that rubies have a long-lasting inner flame just like a couple’s passion for each other after 40 years together. Feast your eyes on the following wedding anniversary gift ideas.

> Flowers: The most ideal flowers or the 40th anniversary are garden nasturium. An alternative is the ruby-colored climbing rose.

> Ruby jewelry: Give the fancy couple matching silver jewelry with rubies.

> Audio CD: Compile songs from the era of their marriage into an Audio CD. If you can find out what their wedding songs and personal favorites are, the better.

50th wedding anniversary gift ideas

When you get to your fiftieth anniversary, you look at life a little differently, and material things are not as important as they were when you were younger, so any effort is always appreciated when giving a couple a fiftieth anniversary gift. Here are some suggestions for a gift for a couple on their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

> Monthly or quarterly lo-carb, dietetic or fruit gift baskets
> Have a painting or caricature made out of their wedding photo
> Instead of a guest book, buy a music box and fill it with messages of love written on gold or handmade paper from family and friends
> What could help them personally? Can you lease a car for them? Pay for a kitchen or other home renovation?

Unique and Personalized Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Personalized and unique wedding anniversary gifts show your partner that you care about him/her. If you are wondering about what might be the best personalized wedding anniversary gift for your loved ones, then you might consider gifting a picture of your memorable moment together. A personalized unique wedding anniversary gift shows that you value and cherish your relationship, so just spend time to present an anniversary gift with a personal touch for your anniversary celebration!

Engraved Items

A popular personalized wedding anniversary gift idea is to engrave something you want to say on the presents, such as on the top of a glass, on the wood cover of a book. From cloth to silver, leather to gold, phrase or name can be put on is a great wedding anniversary gift.

Anniversary Home Movie

Creating a wedding photo & video movie with your photos and songs is also a good idea for anniversary gift giving. Wedding photo DVD slideshows are precious keepsakes. You can protect your memorable moments forever by turning your favorite wedding pictures into special wedding photo slideshows on DVD with some DVD slideshow software.

Free Get a Wedding Slideshow Software:  DVD Wedding Slideshow Maker

Anniversary Memory Book

Combine a photo album and memories book with a digital scrapbooking software. This photo book will surely be a treasured heirloom for any couple.

Free Get a Wedding Digital Scrapbooking software: Wedding Scrapbook Maker


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