Friday, January 8, 2010

picture collage ideas

A picture collage is the best way to display all of your favorite photos in one frame. It is a gift unlike any other one. Give your loved ones a picture collage to share your best memories. Below are some photo collage ideas to start making photo collage gift.

Photographs are personal to us and no gift could be more unique or personal than a photo collage created from cherished photographs. A photo collage is simply several separated photographs put together to create one blended photo.

Tell the story of your wedding day and display all your favorite memories from that day with a wedding digital scrapbooking. Show off that trip of a lifetime. Relive the joy of a family reunion everyday.

A digital photo collage makes the perfect unique gift for Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding, Anniversaries and more. A milestone birthday is the perfect occasion. Collect photographs from each year of someone special’s life and create a lifetime memories collage. Need a special gift for a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary, paper is the symbol of the first anniversary so what could be better than a print. Pictures from that special day can be combined to create a special gift.

photo collage ideas
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A photo collage can be made up of any theme, use your imagination. A child's sport playing memories to remember being the star of the team, a fun filled family event or trip, or a baby' s first year of life. Any special memory can make a theme.

Got the picture collage ideas now? With some creativity and a good picture collage software, you can create a collage yourself easily and quickly. I had used the best collage program Photo Collage Studio  to make a unique gift, photo book, greeting card, photo collage, wedding invitation card, even calendar for every event, using built-in free photo collage templates.

A photo collage makes a very unique gift or keepsake. It shows time was taken to create something special just for them. A photo collage is also a wonderful conversation piece, sparking questions and memories in everyone who views it.

Want to make photo collage ideas come true? Here is the tool.

More Photo Collage Ideas for Unique Gift

A Collage for Every Occasion:

Wedding Photo Collage
Anniversary Photo Collage
Family Photo Collage
Vacation Photo Collage
Reunion Photo Collage
Birthday Photo Collage
Children Photo Collage
Engagement Photo Collage
Honeymoon Photo Collage
Showers or Parties Photo Collage
Yearbook Ad Photo Collage
Graduation Photo Collage
School Play or Pageant Photo Collage
Recital Photo Collage
Competitive Event Collage
Sports Event Collage
Pet Photo Collage
Company Event Photo Collage
Memorial Photo Collage

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