Friday, November 20, 2009

Printable Kids Cards as Christmas Gift

Christmas cards with your own message and pack up with gifts will be a new good choice for you to send to your kids as Christmas presents. Printable kids cards can be made only a few minutes and printed in full color or in black and white with Card Maker Software.

Step 1: Install the card maker software

Here we use the card maker software called Photo Collage Studio as an example, since it offers a bundle of cool theme templates for family, wedding, kids and Christmas or other holidays to satisfy your any demands. Want to have a glance of these free templates, please check from Applying templates, you can make a fabulous photo collage only in three steps, that convenient for the green hands and busy persons.

Step 2: Select and Download one template

When you start the software, select "Create from Template". If you want to create Christmas cards, pick the first "Christmas(30)". The popup window is just as follow.


Step 3: Import kid-photos into the template

Carefully seclect the photo which can express and then double-click the center area to add from your computer disk. Or select a path from left of Card Maker Software, and drag the photo from the left to the center area of printable Kids Cards.

Step 4: Add your own Message for Christmas Cards

Click the Taskbar of "Decorate Collage" button,and choose the "Text" tab. Type out the title in the text box, and select the font,color and text size in the center of printalbe kids cards. Or you can move it as a whole. What's more, you can set the shadow,halation or texture for your printalbe cards for kids as Christmas Gift.

Step 5: Appreciate - created by Photo Collage Studio

An Christmas card has been simply design out, and save it as image. If you are not satisfied with it, you can decorate the printable kids cards with the description words,clipart,stamp or doodle some knickknacks for further embellishment.

Step 6: Print Out your Christmas cards
If you have a color printer, you can print cards free in full color at home. If not, print the cards in black and white and let your kids color it in. Ok, now you just need glue or bind the Scrapbook Cover for Thanksgiving ablum!

Download the Scrapbook Cover Maker and design an scrapbook cover at once!

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