Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Make Family Scrapbook Cover

How to design a suitable scrapbook cover for family album on Thanksgiving day? This tutorial shows you the best scrapbook cover maker which can make and print the Thanksgiving scrapbook album cover easily and quickly!

Step 1: Select the Background for Scrapbook Cover

Download a scrapbook cover software, here we take the Photo Collage Software for an example. After installing,start the scrapbook cover software. Select a pre made template or open a background image that resembles a book or album cover. Make sure to choose one that will look good with text and images stuck on to it. Here we choose one from collage template named wedding15.
scapbook album cover

Step 2: Creating a Title

Click the Task bar of "Decorate Collage" button,and choose the "Text" tab. Type out the title in the text box, and select the font,color and text size in the center of the entire scrapbook cover. Or you can move it as a whole. What's more, you can set the shadow,halation or texture for you scrapbook album cover title as your pleasure.
scapbook album cover
scapbook album cover

Step 3: Double-click or Drag the photo

Carefully select the photo that are appropriate to the theme of your scrapbook album. And then double-click the center area to add from your computer disk. Or select a path from left of scrapbook ablum cover software, and drag the photo from the left to the center area of whole scrapbook cover.
scapbook album cover

Step 4: Add the embellishments

In this step,your scrapbook cover is alright more or less. You can embellish and decorate the scrapbook cover with the description words,clip art,stamp or doodle some knickknacks for your scrapbook ablum cover with digital scrapbooking maker. Here just simply add description and clip art.
scapbook album cover
scapbook album cover

Step 5: Appreciate your Artwork- Created by Photo Collage Studio

A scrapbook ablum cover has been simply design out, and save it as image. If you are not satisfied with it, you come back the previous step and go on to modify and beautify your scrapbook cover.
scapbook album cover

Step 6: Print Out the Scrapbook Cover

Select page orientation of your scrapbook ablum cover on the top left hand side. By default, the orientation would be Portrait. Portrait works for most documents, which means its height is taller than its width. On the other hand, you can select to print your scrapbook cover in Landscape orientation, which means its width is longer than its height.

Ok, now you just need glue or bind the Scrapbook Cover for your Thanksgiving ablum 2009!

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  1. Thank you so much it is a good support, now to make family scrapbook cover is definitely very easy with the help of your recommendation. Kudos


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