Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Invitation Wording for Party

Halloween is coming! Invite your friends with great Halloween invitation wording
for party and enjoy Halloween fun together!

Get some Halloween invitation wording ideas and samples when you make your Halloween party invitation cards.

Halloween invitation wording tips:

Some important details which need to be a part of the halloween invitation wordings. Date, time and the location are the most important ones apart from the details about the theme of the party (costume party, etc.), foods and drinks.

Samples of Halloween Invitation Wording Sayings

Halloween Invitation Wording Sample 1

The spooky night calls
All vampires, ghouls, demons and all creepy spirits...
To come and crawl on over to our Halloween boo bash
(Date, time and place)

Halloween Invitation Wording Sample 2

Come and dance with the monster and elf
And dress so that others jump out of their skin,
Bring your skeleton and yourself
Wearing a spooky hat and a goblin's grin!
(Date, time and place)

Halloween Invitation Wording Sample 3

Do not forget to carry the scales of snakes and tails of lizards
And some screeching sounds of bats,
Let's make this night a Halloween special
And get ready for a great pumpkin smash!
(Date, time and place)

Halloween Invitation Wording Sample 4

The lord of the night
Has summoned you tonight
To be a part of his Scary delight,
Do not refuse this invitation
As something awful may happen...
You'll miss out on all the fun!
(Date, time and place)

Halloween Invitation Wording Sample 5

I have been doing nothing all these years
And my grave is full of tears,
Let's have fun with all our ghostly friends
On this Halloween night which nay never end...
(Date, time and place)

Halloween Invitation Wording Sample 6

Park your brooms
Hang your wings,
Put on your tall pointy hats and Halloween masks
Carry the pumpkins and light the candles...
Dress up and play pretend...
It's Halloween when we will party till the end.
(Date, time and place)

Look through all the Halloween Invitation Wording : All the Invitation Wordings for Your Halloween Party.

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