Saturday, June 12, 2010

Father's day Greeting Card Templates

Hello, my dear scrappers. Do you see world cup last night? So exciting, isn't it! But now forget the ties, get ready for dad a surprised gift. This year,try the new way homemade father's day photo gift to express your gratitude for dear father. These are a series of greeting card templates that i made yesterday, share with you. Have a great day!! ^ ^

Use all downloaded templates to personalize your father's day greeting card.
Do you like my photo artwork? Feel free to comment and suggest me good ideas. Thanks for your attention!!!

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  1. Hey Jonna! I would definitely appreciate those wonderful designs specially the second and last one with some nice quotes. These Greeting card templates for Father's day is really a good gift for kids to show the affection and love they possess for their father.


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