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Doodle a Valentine Scrapbook Page

Valentines day is whatever you want it to be. The guy usually gives the girl flowers or a
card, and the girl usually gives the guy a card, but there are no rules.

Capture your love memories with your sweetie and doodle them all into a Valentine Scrapbook Page. All your happiness and gratitude could be seen, name it "Andy and Anna sweet times". Have you ever thought about frame the doodled love scrapbook and hang on the bed room wall and feel the sweet and happiness every second,every day... To be more romantic, put some love poems in your Valentine scrapbook page. What a impressive Valentine gift! I think it's the best way to express your emotions to your sweetheart on Valentine's day!

Photo scrapbook samples demonstrate a simple love digital scrapbooking, created with the best scrapbook maker - Wondershare Photo Collage Studio. Getting started from well premade scrapbooking templates, you can add love photos into photo frame easily. Through some editing and little adjustment, a Valentine picture scrapbook will be created at hand. And then print it free in full color at home and send your masterpiece and surprise him/her.

Valentine Scrapbook Page

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How to doodle a Valentine scrapbook page step by step

What you need:

1. Digital photos of your sweetheart

2. Wondershare Photo Collage Studio

Step 1. Create blank Scrapbook Page

Download Wondershare Photo Collage Studio and run after installation. In the welcome screen, select "Create Blank Scrapbooking page " to go straight to blank Work Space.

Set Background

In this sample, I imported an image to set as the background. Both built-in and your image files are supported. Here is how:

1. Bring up Scrapbooking Settings dialog box by clicking Set button above Work Space or right-clicking empty area on background.

2. Check Image ratio button followed by clicking Load button

3. Select a thumbnail or click Import button to select an image from local disk. Click OK to finish browsing photo.

4. Select Stretch in Background panel

5. Click OK

Step 2. Add Picutre

To add photos, first locate photos on the left hand side and directly drag favorite photos to desired photo frame. Double-clicking a photo would also add photo to Work Space, however, in a different way. Photo added in this way will not contain any frame. After added, you can rotate, swap, crop, swap, pan and resize these photos through buttons, tool bar or right-click menu.

Add Photo Frame for love picture collage

Step 3. Apply Mask

As you could see, the added picture with or without a frame has distinct edge. To merge the image to the background perfectly, apply the Mask effect. Only a few clicks are needed to do so:

1. Go to Edit Photo tab -> Mask tab on the left hand side

2. Select the photo you want to apply mask to.

3. Double-click the mask thumbnail to apply it to selected photo. You could get more masks through the drop-down list on top. To cancel used mask, either right-click desired photo and select Clear Mask or simple click correspond button in smart tool bar of photo.

Add Photo Frame for love picture collage

Besides, you can also edit photo by adding frame and filter effect in Frame tab or Filters tab, respectively.

Step 4. Decorate Scrapbook Page

Switch to Decorate Scrapbooking tab and go to Text tab first. There you can directly input desired text, which will be displayed simultaneously to Work Space. Further settings are also available, such as Font, Size, Color, Shadow, Halation and Texture.

Add Photo Frame for love picture collage

Next, draw doodles to connect love photos in heart shape. First switch to Doodle tab and click Make Pieces button to bring up the canvas. As shown below, the tools locate in the far right corner, and parameters of these tools could be defined under tool panel. So, first select a tool, which could be Pencil, Brush, Eraser, Magic Stick, Rectangle or Oval tool and then hold down the left button of your mouse and move to draw as you like. Do like a painter.

Add Photo Frame for love picture collage

Alternatively, you can directly import a red heart photo instead of doodling by yourself. If so, skip this step.

Step 4. Print your Valentine Scrapbook

Before printing, you should make sure the preview is right. If anything is not perfect, change it by turning back to previous steps. Usually, select the correct orientation and make perfect layout, then you could proceed to printing. In some situations, margins could come out. If this is the case, select the last layout method and change the width and height to 29.7 and 21.0 for Landscape orientation (first one). Your love photo Scrapbook would always be impressive.

Add Photo Frame for love picture collage

Now download the best photo scrapbook maker and have a try to doodle a Valentine photo scrapbook for you honey as Valentine's day gift!

Valentine Scrapbook Page

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