Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Free Make a Yearbook Collage

Christmas is coming and a year also comes to its end right away. From beginning to end, from spring to winter, the year 2009 must bring you so many momentous occasions. Now before Christmas, you can make a yearbook collage of 2009, to commemorate the past and to hope for a new bright future!

kids photo collage

Here's what you need:
1. Digital photos in 2009;
2. Photo Collage Softeware

Step 1. Create kids photo collage from template

Download and install Best Photo Collage software Wondershare Photo Collage Studio first. After completed, launch the program by double-clicking the icon on desktop or from Start menu. In seconds, the program will prompt you to create blank collage or from template. Select "Create From Template" and then a pop-up window enable you to select a collage template. Here, I switch to Layout category and pick out a template.

To see more stunning templates, please visit http://www.photo-collage-software.com/new-scrapbook-templates.html

Step 2. Add your kids photos

Once the template has been open, double-click the photo frame to open up a browse window and select desired photo from.The other way is to locate photos on the left hand side and drag favorite photos from bottom left corner to Work Space. After the photos are added, you can move, resize, rotate, crop, swap and pan them as you like. In this sample, custom background image is used. Here is how:
1. Bring up Collage Settings dialog box by clicking Set button above Work Space or right-clicking on background.
2. Check Image ratio button followed by clicking Load button
3. Clicking Import button to select an image from local disk
4. Select Stretch in Background panel5. Click OK

Step 3. Add texts what you wanna say to your kids

Double-click the default text and you will be led to Text tab of Decorate Collage main tab. There you can type the text you want, such as "Jimmy 2009". Of course you can also make text editing like Font, Size, Color, Shadow, Halation and Texture. You gonna spread your Christmas wishes in the most personalized style.

Step 4. Print out the kids photo collage

Print your yearbook collage with home printer. Before that, make sure your printer works well. Now click Print button to start printing. In a moment, you will get your yearbook collage at hand!

Check out the article source:  http://www.ourpix.com/xmas/tutorial/yearbook-collage.html

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