Sunday, November 29, 2009

hot Christmas collage Layouts

Here is a Free Christmas gift workshop. You can design incredible photo collage with cool Christmas creative layout as Christams gift 2009 for your family and friends. These creative layout will give you inspirations for creating fabulous photo collage.

It's uniquely personalized to you and makes a great gift to celebrate a special occasion such as Christmas, wedding anniversary or birthday. Creative layout is fun to make Photo collage and becomes a nice reminder of good times to hang on the wall. You can create charming christmas collage with exactly picture layout (blank layout or template layout) from photo collage studio as christmas gift for your family or friends.

Part 1: Create Collage from Blank Layouts

First of all, you should get started the collage layouts software! It provides you a huge number of hot christmas collage layouts, including regular and scrambled collage style. With plenty designed collage blank layout, you can easily assemble your still photos into an artistic compilation and decorate it with stickers and photo frames by the way. What’s more, you can create photo books, greeting cards, calendars and more you can image. Try to make this Thanksgiving and Christmas more fun and impressive with it now!

Make photo collage with creative layout just 3 steps: 1. Choose one from various of blank layouts as far as your photo number and layout style.

2. Simply drag & drop your photos into the collage template. Personalize it with titles and embellishments.

3. Save as image, wallpaper or just print out to share anywhere. A sample for appreciation:

Part 2: Create Collage from Template layouts

You can also make photo collage with 400+ pre made template layouts. These Template Picture layout are fully editable and you can use them as starting point for creating your own unique hot christmas collage layouts.

Exactly and corresponding collage layouts can make your photo collage more attractive and beautiful. Therefore, before starting to make collage,you should carefully select the collage layouts. Christmas 2009 is on the way, so pick up the christmas collage layouts and make photo collage as Christmas gift to send your friends.

Wanna make a collage,you just ned Drop & Drag your photos into frames and then embellish it with clip art,text or stamp icon. After you layout photos on a page, you can move them to and make truly unique collages. At last, save it as image or print out directly as christmas gift 2009!

"Merry Christmas!" - Obama & Bush

Download collage Layouts and make one collage right now !


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